Remedies for apartment living

Feeling limited by your landlord’s rules and restrictions on how you can exist in your own apartment? There are many options for temporary design updates or larger proposals that benefit both you and your landlord.



Can’t paint?

  • Decals by Blik
  • Large Frames – Thrift stores often have large frames that can easily be altered with a quick coat of spray paint to fade into a white wall and leave the attention to your sizeable art print (above pic from Etsy artist 45 wall), map , or decorative paper . If the frame is too heavy to hang, consider swapping out the glass for plastic or leaning the frame against the wall or mantle.

Can’t nail into the walls?

Can’t stand your neighbor’s Patchouli?



If you’re willing to do the work, it’s worth it to propose an update to your landlord that appeases your style and increases the value of the space. Depending on what you negotiate, the hard costs can often be taken out of your rent if you are willing to eat the labor. Remember to discuss before making a move!

Here’s an example of a porch redesign I did in Chicago a few years ago - the before and afters are featured on Design Sponge!