Remedy for the unknown


Patience. As much as I try to say that I am, I am not exactly a patient person. When I recently changed careers I wanted to have everything figured out and have a plan for both the near and distant future. I have never been in a position before where I had so many unknowns and it was pretty unnerving. The most valuable lesson I've learned in these last few months is to be patient and that if I work hard and stay focused on my goals of discovery, good things will come. Alternative option - My friend Paul suggested charging $50 to everyone who says, "Don't worry, things will work out." 

When I feel like my patience is running low, I often check out the Swiss Miss blog to find inspiration in what other people are doing. 

Doing. While staying patient, keep doing. Hardly anything I create is ever right the first time around. It's the discoveries in each new version and maybe new successes that are the strongest driver to keep going - let this creative cycle ensue. Don't be discouraged by not having everything or knowing everything right away.

What inspires you to stay patient and keep doing?