Remedy for distractions

Designed in response to the way technology is changing our lives, Blokket helps turn off distractions and direct attention, if only for a moment, away from the allure of smartphone technology. Simply wrap a cell phone inside of the pouch-like Blokket, which is made of a silver and nylon material that blocks cellular signals. The Blokket can also protect from identity theft; slip chipped ID cards or a passport inside the pouch to prevent communication by unauthorized RFID readers. Designers Chelsea Briganti, Leigh Ann Tucker, and Ingrid Zweifel created the Blokket with The Way We See the World, a Manhattan-based design studio that uses design as a mechanism to help people live happier, healthier lives. Hand wash only, no bleach. Low iron, hang flat to dry. Made in the USA.
— Third Drawer Down

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photo from Third Drawer Down